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For Botox and Dermal Fillers!

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Plump it, Fill it, Define it, De-Wrinkle it! 

Because You're Worth It! 


*not valid with other offers or bonus programs

Versa LIP FILLER: $500 per 1ml Syringe  


Get the "Newtox" that's outperforming Botox! 

40 Units for Only $360 ($9.00 per unit)!


Juveau Newtox- 40 Units normally $400 ($10.00 per unit!)

Get $40.00 in credit at your appointment bringing that price to only $360.00 ($9.00 a unit),

and $40.00 off at your next Newtox treatment with Luminous.

2nd $40.00 Credit will automatically arrive   by text or  email 3 months after your treatment! 

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What is the difference between

Newtox and Botox?

Jueveau, or "Newtox", and Botox are both a 

anabotulinum neurotoxin protein and very similar.   


The botulinum in Jeuveau is prepared using a unique purification process. This means that Jeaveau has eliminated the % of clients who develop a resistance to neurotoxins, and may get better results than Botox for some patients, and vice-versa.

Currently Luminous has 100% client satisfaction, and Jueveau is offering nice incentive discounts for

clients to try it! 

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